• How to Make Lyonnaise Potatoes

    Ever wondered how you could make simple Lyonnaise potatoes? If so, then this recipe is just for you. And it’s so easy it takes less than 10 minutes to prep […]

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  • Tomato Lettuce Salad

    The tomato lettuce salad is another very simple recipe. All you need is a few fresh tomatoes and fresh lettuce. Tomatoes are really great in salads and quite refreshing on […]

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  • Mandazi

    How to Make Simple Mandazi

    There are many variations of mandazi but the basic mandazi recipes require flour, sugar and baking powder (or yeast) as the main ingredients. They can also include other things like […]

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  • Tomato, Carrot And Avocado Salad

    How to Make Tomato, Carrot and Avocado Salad The following tomato, carrot and avocado salad is made up of three ingredients only and you can sprinkle a little salt to […]

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  • facts about grapes

    Facts About Grapes: Did You Know This?

    Grapes are berries and are mostly eaten raw. They are also used in making wine, juice, jam, jelly, vinegar and grape seed oil. They grow in clusters of between 15 […]

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  • Want To Lose Weight? Drink More Green Tea

    Green tea is very nutritious. It has been drank by many people for many years and they have praised its numerous health benefits. A number of scientific studies have been […]

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Whole Wheat Bread Veggie Sandwich

Whole wheat bread is much healthier than white bread and it has more fiber. It is not as sweet as white bread and makes great […]

Health Articles

6 Health Benefits of Papayas

There are many health benefits of papayas that many people are not aware of. They are deliciously sweet and very refreshing on hot and sunny […]


carrot salad

The 3 Simplest Carrot Salads

Carrots are mostly associated with the colour orange, but they can be found in other colours like yellow, purple, red and white. They can be […]


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