A Review of Fresh Dairy Full Cream Milk Powder

Fresh Dairy full cream milk powder is manufactured in Uganda and distributed in the East African region. It is a wonderful dairy product available in a number of supermarkets in Kenya, and for this a review of this product is in order.

The main reason this milk powder is frequently found in my kitchen is because it makes a good cup of tea or milk, whichever I want. The milk is usually thick enough to make a hot cup of my favourite ginger tea or white coffee. This makes it superior to other milk powder products in the market and therefore it is high in demand.

A review of Fresh Dairy Full Cream Milk Powder

Sometimes it can happen that you go shopping and fail to find the milk powder in some stores because of high demand. In such cases you can either inquire when the next stock will be available or buy from another supplier.

Compared to other products in the market, Fresh Dairy Milk Powder is very easy to mix with water. Whether you use cold or warm water, a spoonful or two will mix easily, and in a few seconds you have your milk ready to drink.

This wonderful milk powder can also be used in cooking. You would first prepare the glass of milk and use it in simmering vegetables like kales, spinach and soups. You can also use it to bake some cakes as well as in making mahamri and many other types of confectioneries.

I highly recommend Fresh Dairy Milk Powder. It is worth your money having it in your kitchen all the time. Give it a try and leave your review or comment.

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