7 Warning Signs That You Should Be Detoxing

Kidneys are one of the most important organs in our bodies. They work by filtering blood, removing excess water and sodium, passing urea, handling all the toxins that come into our bodies and excreting these toxins through urine. They work with the liver in detoxing to ensure that we stay healthy with clear skin and an ideal body weight.

However, due to so much pollution, we are exposed to many toxins in our environment. These toxins are everywhere and it is not possible to completely cut them off. Some come from the soil, others from the air and others from contaminated water.

Unhealthy eating habits like taking too much caffeinated drinks, fast foods and alcohol exert a lot of pressure on the kidneys. They are forced to work extra hard to filter all the harmful toxins, hence the need for detoxing.

Detoxing drink

Detox drink

So, what are the 7 warning signs that you should be detoxing?

Detoxing should be done regularly. If you experience any or most of the following signs, you should consider finding the best detox diet which could be a detox drink or recipe:

  1. You have recurrent problems with your bladder.
  2. You’ve been diagnosed with kidney stones.
  3. You experience great pains in your kidneys after eating certain foods.
  4. You’ve been having digestion problems.
  5. You’ve been feeling constantly tired or fatigued even without doing strenuous exercises.
  6. You’ve been experiencing hormonal imbalances.
  7. You’ve been having skin related problems.
Water greatly aids in the detox process. It helps in filtering toxins and refreshing our bodies. Ideally, you should be drinking about 6-8 glasses of pure clean water daily.

Detoxing leads to marked improvement in:

  • Chronic health conditions
  • Skin appearance
  • Mood – reducing stress and depression
  • Digestion and improving metabolism

Detoxing also helps in hydration and regulating body weight. Studies have shown that it helps in weight loss.

Naturopaths recommend detoxing as a great way of removing most heavy metal toxicities like mercury and lead from our bodies. These hinder the proper functioning of many body systems like the digestive and reproductive systems.

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