Preventing pests in the Kitchen

A kitchen being the focal point of food preparation should always be clean and free from all pests.
This doesn't always happen and all necessary measure should be taken to ensure that it is spotless. A dirty kitchen can prevent visitors from eating anything in your house for fear of illness. Cockroaches running up and down your wall and rats racing across the room are unsightly. Remember there are people who fear these rodents and may even make for the door on seeing them.

To prevent this, ensure your kitchen is always clean. Clean up after every food preparation. No food particles should be left lying on the floor or counter tops. Do not return chopping items like boards and knives before washing with both soap and water. Water alone doesn't remove all food grains. Scrub well at the ends of the board, especially if it is made of wood.

Remember to wash all utensils after every meal. Leaving them lying in the sink overnight attracts pests like cockroaches which are quite active at night. Some types of food, especially soups, may make the kitchen smell bad in the morning. Also, waking up to do the dishes is not the best way to start your day. Clean them up in the evening to have an easier time making breakfast.

Before going to bed, it is advisable to ensure that the kitchen bin for garbage is well closed. This will not only prevent rodents but also reduce the chances of mosquitoes raiding your kitchen.

The kitchen should be well ventilated, especially during the day. Clean the floor everyday and if you have a backyard, place the garbage bin outside. Do not leave stagnant water in the sink. Dry it up and put the damp cloth out to dry.