Easy Lentils and French Bean Soup

This recipe has been on my menu for the past six months. I tried it once by simply gathering all ingredients in the kitchen I could find one evening. I shared it with one of my relatives who also loved it.

I use dry lentils.

- 1 large onion                        - 2 cloves crushed garlic                  -Crushed ginger
- 2 carrots                               - 5 medium sized potatoes               - French beans
- Boiled lentils                        - 3 tomatoes                                     - Curry powder/Royco
- Pepper (optional)                - Oil

After boiling and draining the lentils;
1. In a covered saucepan, saute onions for about three minutes on medium heat.
2. Add crushed garlic, ginger and pepper and cook for two minutes.
3. Add chopped potatoes and carrot. Stir every few minutes to prevent potatoes from sticking to cooking pot.
4. After cooking for about ten minutes, add chopped tomatoes and french beans.
5. With the potatoes half-way cooked, add lentils & cook for seven minutes until all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
7. Add salt and curry powder to your taste. Cook for a minute then add enough water to make soup.
8. Serve.

The first time I cooked this meal, I served it with chapati.

I believe you'll love it too. If you have any suggestions, feel free to let me know. And share it with your family & friends.


  1. I've done lentils before but with french beans no! I guess it is time to try out your recipe.

  2. Give it a try and see how it goes. You can also serve it with rice.


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