Egg Toast

This is another very easy toast recipe I prefer for Saturday and Sunday mornings.
I like it since it is not only tasty but also because I can make a good number of toast slices using few eggs, even as few as three or four.
I hope you like it too. Put little salt or none at all depending on your preference. Be cautious not to cook the eggs for long, although this could also depend on what you like.
Here is what you will need:

- Beaten eggs
- Slices of bread
- Salt
- Oil

This simple breakfast requires you to be near the kitchen so that the eggs do not burn.

1. Place frying pan on medium heat.
2. Add very little oil on the pan and once a little warm, pour two spoon of beaten egg.
3. Immediately place a slice of bread on egg and let cook for a minute.
4. Remove slice from the pan and add a spoon of oil again.
5. Pour two spoon of egg and place the same slice of bread but on the other side. Cook for a minute till egg is done.
6. Repeat same process with the other slices of bread.
7. Serve with the drink/beverage of your choice.