Vegetable salad

During the Christmas period, our family came together although most of them turned up on the eve of Christmas due to public transport problems. many of us do not own personal cars and so just like the rest of the Kenyan public, we hard to bear with the hiked prices on public service vehicles. A number opted to travel on the eve and day of Christmas but that wasn’t such a good idea because it was at that time that prices were thrice the usual cost.

On the festive  day, cooking, which is usually a big part of such events started late. One of my cousins we were to cook with traveled that day. We started with the chapattis, which are cooked in almost every household during celebrations, then rice and later the stews.
Instead of preparing the all-too-common Kachumbari (salad consisting of tomatoes, onions and salt) I offered to prepare this salad. I had been forced to look for some of the items some two days earlier because there was a scarcity in the market . I had picked the lettuce from a supermarket only found in the district headquarters town, and due to the hot weather had to make sure it was very well preserved.

These are the few items I used:
-          - Lettuce                                       - Tomatoes                                  - Onions
-          - Salt                                             - Oil                                             - Avocado (tiny pieces)
-          - Green/red Bell pepper                -Grated carrot

I chopped and mixed all of them in a big bowl. The avocado and tomatoes were very fresh because I got them straight from the garden. Oh, I also ate so many mangoes daily since they were available at no cost and I could eat as much as I wanted. 
The older generation more than loved it. Of course most of my cousins knew how to prepare the salad, only that they don’t do it a lot due to what they refer to as ‘a lot of work’