Spicy tea

This is a simple recipe for making quick tea in the morning or any other time of day.
I love the spicy taste and is  healthier compared to the normal tea.

Ingredients:  Serves Three
1. 1 tablespoon Ketepa tea leaves
2. 1 teaspoon powder Cinnamon 
3. 1 teaspoon Ginger powder
4. Sugar
5. 500ml Milk (Optional)
5. 2 glasses Water

1. Add water in a  sufuria (sauce pan) and place on cooking stove.
2. Add cinnamon & ginger and allow to boil.
3. Add Ketepa tea leaves and boil for further two minutes.
4. Pour in the milk and let it boil again till it starts to rise.
5. Add the sugar to your taste.
6. Remove from heat and serve while hot.

The Ketepa tea leaves are also available at local supermarkets with ginger added although I prefer adding more to make it more spicy.