Health Benefits of Green Grams

Green grams or mung beans supply many nutrients to the body. They provide proteins which assist in the production of blood cells and antibodies that protect the body from diseases. They aid in repairing worn out tissues and in helping the body perform vital functions like transporting molecules.

Green grams also provide the body with fiber that helps in digestion thereby preventing constipation, as well as lowering the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood. They also supply iron required for transporting oxygen to various body parts and improving the energy levels.

Green grams are rich in other minerals like calcium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, phosphorous and potassium. These nutrients aid in bone development and density. They help in maintaining strong teeth and reducing the chances of high blood pressure and colon cancer.

Green grams also provide Vitamins B, C & K. Vitamin B helps improve the performance of the immune system and in metabolism. It takes part in the development of new blood cells and helps improve the appearance of the hair and skin.

Vitamin C helps protect the body from infections. It assists in reducing the risks of high blood pressure by ensuring adequate supply of blood to vital body organs, that is, the brain, heart and eyes. Lack of Vitamin C in the diet causes cataracts, a condition affecting the functioning of the eye lens. 

Vitamin K, the other important nutrient provided by green grams, is used in the production of proteins. It helps in development of bone density and assists in blood clotting.