Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea

Green tea is very nutritious. In recent years, green tea has received a lot of positive feedback from nutritionists and healthy living advocates. Some of them have been taking it for many years and claim it provides many health benefits.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

A number of scientific studies have been conducted in recent years to investigate the health benefits of green tea. The results showed that frequent intake provides the following benefits:

  1. improves brain function
  2. lowers the risk of various types of cancer
  3. improves immunity
  4. improves the rate of metabolism
  5. helps in burning fat

Some of the studies investigated the relationship between green tea and weight loss. It was found that a compound called Catechin found in green tea is believed to have fat burning properties. It helps in eliminating fat which consequently boosts the rate of metabolism.

An increased rate of metabolism ensures that consumed food is digested faster and the various organs of the body function optimally. It also helps the liver in the faster conversion of fat deposits into energy.

In one study, healthy men with similar body mass index (BMI) and waist circumferences were separated into two groups. For a duration of twelve weeks, one group consumed oolong tea containing 690mg of the green tea extract daily while a control group consumed 22mg of the same extract.

The researchers found that the BMI, waist circumferences and body fat mass of the group that consumed more of the green tea extract were significantly lower than the control group. This suggested that daily consumption of green tea may be useful in the prevention and improvement of lifestyle related diseases like obesity.